Green People gets gym-ready

Green People has introduced a limited edition Gym Bag Heroes kit for men on the go to refresh and stimulate body and mind.

The brushed canvas wash bag contains:

  • No 6 Detox Shower Gel – a certified organic blend using cypress and rosemary to stimulate and cleanse the skin and seaweed to purify, this gel has a zesty orange peel & clove scent
  • No 8 Thyme & Prebiotics Roll-On Deodorant – made with no parabens, artificial fragrance or pore-clogging aluminium, this deodorant by Green People for Men is fortified with naturally occurring mineral salt, ammonium alum for its strong impact on germs, zinc ricinoleate, which is a natural deodorant, and prebiotics to restrict odour-forming bacteria
  • No 10 Itch Away Shampoo – naturally free from harsh silicones, this organic blend is designed to refresh an itchy scalp and blast away dry skin using antibacterial and antiseptic tea tree as well as pineapple enzymes to control irritation and rebalance a flaky scalp.