Green People refreshes Oy! skincare range

green people

The Organic Young or Oy! skincare collection by Green People, designed for acne prone skin, has been reformulated and given a brand new look.

The Oy! range comprises a number of certified organic clear skin products for tweens, teens and those with troublesome skin.

The products are rich in nourishing omega-3 and 6 from rosehip – which has skin regeneration properties and can help reduce blemishes and scarring – sunflower and hemp oils.

Other key ingredients include: black willow bark extract to balance and calm the skin as well as fight bacteria; green tea extract to reduce inflammation and protects skin cells from damage; prebiotics to support the good bacteria that live on skin and fight the bad bacteria that cause spots; and tea tree extract to help control the bacteria that can lead to acne.

The Oy! range consists of: Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash, Clear Skin Purifying Serum, Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser; Clear Skin Blemish Concealer and Deodorant.