Nature’s Bounty lands in the UK

Nature’s Bounty – a leading US brand under the $3 billion business portfolio of commercial giant NBTY Company – has introduced its range of products to the UK market for the first time, with an exclusive launch event at Kensington Roof Garden, London, on 12 October.   

Drawing upon market research focused specifically on UK consumers, Nature’s Bounty is tapping into the largest growth sector: Millennials. In a poll of 2,000 adults across the UK between the ages of 20-40, the key findings show that ‘four in ten feel their lifestyle leaves them tired and low in energy’, with over a third admitting they feel stressed. The data also shows that on average consumers get five hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and that over half take a supplement to support a healthy diet. Nature’s Bounty says it is introducing its products to the UK market to help consumers ‘rejuvenate and replenish’.

Acknowledging the highly saturated nature of the vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) market, Nature’s Bounty has discovered through its research that 31% of VMS users would prefer ‘more convenient formats’ than pills. The brand identifies this as an opportunity to market their new range of ‘gummies’ to a UK customer base.

“We’re trying to make things simple for consumers”

The range comprises six products which focus on five main areas of wellbeing: Beauty, Energy, Digestion, Daily Wellbeing and Women’s Health, all displaying the key benefits of the product on a colour-coded label for ease of recognition – another factor that the research highlights as important to ‘the healthy aspirer’. “We’re trying to make things simple for consumers,” says Ismini Fatsi, marketing director. Simpler labelling allows customers to ‘self-select’ from retailer shelves, says the brand.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the gummies do not require water in order to be taken, allowing busy Millennials to consume them on the go. With the exception of the Women’s Multivitamin and the Hair, Skin & Nails gummies which contain collagen, the products are vegetarian, using pectin as a base in lieu of gelatin; a heat-stable substance which has allowed Nature’s Bounty to also create a probiotic version. “There is a lot of thought that goes into these products,” says Paul Chamberlain, head of education and nutrition. “It is a technical challenge to make probiotic gummies because the enemy of probiotics is heat – but we’ve done it.”

At present, the UK launch of gummies is limited to a line of six products, but Nature’s Bounty says a range targeting older generations isn’t out of the question: “Watch this space. We started with six, but we’ll see how it goes,” says Chamberlain.

All Nature’s Bounty VMS – including the new Mini Omega 3 capsule – will be retailing in independent health stores and pharmacies across the UK.