Lathering up for Organic September

US soap brand Dr Bronner’s has teamed up with Whole Foods Market for a nationwide campaign in the UK, which will run throughout Organic September.

Encouraging shoppers to ‘lather up their homes and hearts’, Dr Bronner’s and its UK distributor Healthy Sales Group (HSG) have installed a colourful display of fairly traded and organic soaps in the window of Whole Foods Market’s flagship store in Kensington. Chris Moss, managing director of HSG, says: “September has become synonymous with the organic movement in the UK, and we are proud to be working with Dr Bronner’s team to celebrate the month through awareness of the brand’s unwavering commitment to its organic principles.”

“September has become synonymous with the organic movement in the UK”

The display features Dr Bronner’s ‘18-in-1’ liquid soaps, which the family-run brand markets as a versatile product capable of 18 different uses, both on the body and in the home. Creating a wider awareness amongst UK consumers of the American brand’s products and its various uses, Whole Foods Market is offering a 25% discount on the Dr Bronner’s range and has launched a social media campaign to run alongside the promotion.

Mike Bronner, president of Dr Bronner’s, says: “We are delighted to be working with Whole Foods Market which shares our ethical values of fair trade and environmental sustainability. In this current climate, Dr Bronner’s mission of ‘love and unity’ has never been more important and we wanted our window display to reflect our philosophy. We love London and its diversity, and are delighted to share our products with our British customers to make their bodies and homes happy, green and clean.”