Free SA webinar offers ‘vital tool’ for beauty brands


To support beauty and wellbeing businesses through the organic certification process, Soil Association Certification is launching a free webinar on 30 April.

The Soil Association’s (SA) Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market 2020, published earlier this year, shows that 79% of consumers are ‘more likely to buy a product it is says organic’ and the SA says it’s now more important than ever that organic claims are validated in order to foster more consumer trust.

The report also unveiled that around 50% of people ‘didn’t realize that the legal regulations weren’t the same’ for the beauty industry as they are for food, which underlines the need for consumer clarity in what the SA calls ‘a confusing market to navigate’.

Now is the time for brands to refine their focus and look at the long-term impact of their business approaches

Now, with a webinar entitled Why certification matters and how to do it, Soil Association Certification aims to digitally support brands which are searching for information about the certification process in the beauty and wellbeing sector. The webinar will serve as a comprehensive guide – ‘a vital tool’ – for beauty and wellbeing brands in the natural or organic space who are looking to substantiate their claims and futureproof their businesses during economic uncertainty. Bringing together business development impact and technical support, the webinar will address what organic certification is, why it’s important and how to begin the process.

“Now is the time for brands to refine their focus and look at the long-term impact of their business approaches. In our survey over 52% of people asked said that sustainable was the key word they associated with organic. Certification is a vital tool to build trust with consumers that your product meets the principles of organic, to support a more sustainable way of life,” comments Georgia Barnes, head of business development (non-food).

Brands wishing to take part on 30 April can sign up here: