New PittaPatta children’s line from Simply Gentle


Simply Gentle has created a new baby and child’s organic toiletry range, PittaPatta, packaged in bio-plastic sugar cane tubes.

The Soil Association-certified PittaPatta range combines natural and organic ingredients designed to help care for children’s young skin, and comprises: Bubble Bath with Organic Lavender; Shampoo & Body Wash with Organic Chamomile; Moisturising Lotion with Organic Lavender; Barrier Cream with Soothing Calenduar & Mango Butter; and a Chest Stick with Organic Eucalyptus Oil.

Moisturising Lotion with Organic Lavender contains a blend of organic ingredients that soothe and balance little ones who are hectic and restless, feeling impatient, irritable or frustrated.

Barrier Cream with Soothing Calendula & Mango Butter is a nourishing blend of mango butter, shea nut butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E oil plus a selection of herbs formulated to soothe and nourish the skin of babies and young children and help baby eczema and other skin problems.

PittaPatta Organic Chest Stick is a solid no-mess stick that can be applied directly to the upper chest and back of children and is suitable for use from three months of age.

The products come in sugarcane tubes made of renewable raw materials and are 100% recyclable.