Petit Jovial: capsule collection for babies and beyond

Petit Jovial
Petit Jovial

Fledgling natural and vegan skincare brand Petit Jovial has launched with a line of products it says is gentle enough for babies, yet efficacious enough for the whole family.

Explaining why she launched the brand, founder Tania Veignat says: “When my son was born, I scrutinized every label to check the ingredients – a habit, since I am a chemist. I was dismayed by what I saw. Some products had suspect ingredients that I wouldn’t want to put on my own skin, let alone my baby. None of them were good enough for my son’s precious skin. So I founded Petit Jovial to share with parents skincare products made using the finest natural ingredients and no nasties. Gentle enough for babies, and yet so effective that parents would love to use them too.”

Hand made in small batches in England and using 100% natural ingredients, organic where possible, the brand has launched with three signature products.

Body & Scalp Massage Oil is a gentle blend of safflower, sesame, jojoba and wheatgerm Oils to soothe babies, benefit their digestion and ease wind. It can also be used as a scalp oil to help ease cradle cap and as a moisturizing body oil for all ages. It also helps with stretchmarks and to keep the skin elastic during pregnancy.

Nourishing Bath Oil is lightly moisturizing and made with skin-loving sunflower oil, relaxing lavender, geranium and clary sage to help soothe and relax babies, children and adults. The bath oil nourishes delicate skin as it gently cleanses, leaving skin feeling soft. It can also be applied directly onto the skin post-soak to lock in moisture.

Nourishing Multi-Purpose Balm for Face & Body is described as a luxurious multi-purpose, rich balm made with shea butter, rosehip oil, soothing lavender and calming chamomile. The balm acts as a barrier for sensitive bottoms, to soothe nappy rash and moisturize dry areas. It works as a balm to soothe cracked and painful nipples and nourish dry cuticles and lips, and can also be used as a cleansing balm.

Petit Jovial skincare products are packaged in recyclable MIRON violet glass jars and bottles. They are certified by The Vegan Society.