Redress the balance with Manuka Doctor

Manuka doctor
Manuka doctor

New Zealand brand Manuka Doctor Skincare has produced a range of three Anti-Redness products to help rebalance skin and restore a calm complexion.

Designed to fight the effects of city living and excessive ultraviolet sunlight, including redness, acne, dry skin and premature ageing, the Manuka Doctor Anti-Redness range helps protect and prevent the disruption of a healthy microbiota through the provision of natural prebiotic ingredients.

The Anti-redness Gentle Cream Cleanser, Protective Serum and Calming Moisturiser all include manuka honey and a polyfructose derived from chicory root, which together encourage the growth of good bacteria and feed the skin to reinforce the microbiota.

The manuka honey the brand uses has antimicrobial activity derived from methylglyoxal, shown to kill the bacteria that can upset the skin’s microbiota and help prevent microbial growth.

Anti-Redness Gentle Cream Cleanser also contains beeswax for its moisturizing, soothing and softening properties, and anti-inflammatory allantoin which has a therapeutic action on skin tissue to helps reduce redness by improving the skin’s barrier.

Anti-Redness Protective Serum uses anti-inflammatory aloe vera to topically increase moisture and rejuvenate skin and hyaluronic acid to help maintain moisture and firm the skin by improving cell cohesion.

Anti-Redness Calming Moisturiser combines blackcurrant seed oil to protect, strengthen and promote healthier looking skin with an extract from the larch tree to improve the appearance of fine lines whilst keeping skin hydrated.