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The latest buzzword in skincare is ‘anti-pollution’, with brands creating solutions they claim help prevent environmental aggressors affecting our skin or repair the damage already done. Jane Wolfe discovers that this ‘necessary’ sub-category will likely only get bigger  

In Asia, where air pollution is a massive problem, there is already a well-entrenched trend of supporting skin against environmental aggressors such as air pollution and the blue light emitted through electronic devices. But now brands in other regions, including Europe, are also recognizing a sales opportunity in this growing global crisis, as consumers become increasingly concerned about the havoc pollution can wreak on skin. 

In fact, worldwide sales of anti-pollution ingredients soared to over US$800 million in 2018 and are predicted to grow another 5% in 2019, according to Future Market Insights. Its recent report, Anti-Pollution Ingredients, predicts this figure will rise further due to a significant increase in personal care and cosmetic brands employing active, functional ingredients to provide an anti-pollution effect. It adds that brands will move from focusing on the skin’s surface to increasing investment in developing fresh solutions to penetrate into the cellular level of the skin to prevent the detrimental impact of pollution, such as premature ageing. 

Skincare necessity
But is anti-pollution skincare really a legitimate standalone category or are brands simply using a headline-making and increasingly worrying global concern to reposition existing products as a fresh way of marketing them? 

“I think anti-pollution will be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the next few years and it deserves its own category – if only to highlight awareness of the pollution problem in the cities we inhabit. Over 90% of the world’s population lives with pollution levels that do not meet the World Health Organization’s parameters, so this is a skincare trend that is actually a skincare necessity,” points out The Beauty Shortlist founder Fiona Klonarides. “Anti-pollution skincare is essentially urban skincare. It’s an extremely interesting, innovative sector of the entire big picture skincare market and consumers are taking note and learning why skin needs this ‘extra category’.”

Charlotte Morgan, communications assistant at Naissance – owner of the Unearthd range which offers a Face The Day Organic Day Serum designed to create a barrier against ‘urban lifestyle’ pollution – has noticed a rising number of anti-pollution products coming onto the market. “It is definitely a growing trend and I believe it will most certainly become mainstream in the coming years.” 

“With levels increasing in cities and towns across the world, this is a key aspect of skincare that needs focusing on to help fight and stave off the effects of free-radical damage and pollution,” adds Claire Perry, marketing director for Manuka Doctor Skincare, which recently launched a trio of Anti-Pollution products. She believes that customers are becoming more aware of these effects and that pollution is becoming a major concern for them when it comes to skincare. 

Anti-pollution skincare is essentially urban skincare. It’s an extremely interesting, innovative sector of the entire big picture skincare market and consumers are taking note and learning why skin needs this ‘extra category’

Morgan stresses that skin has a lot to contend with, citing microscopic pollution particles in the air caused by cars and industry, UV rays from the sun, soot, smog, as well as blue light from screens and devices.

“Pollution wrecks our skin in so many ways: dark spots, faster ageing, eczema, atopic dermatitis, photo-ageing, acne – a lot of skin issues can be caused by pollution or aggressively exacerbated by sun, blue light and air particles,” says Klonarides. “The soot from traffic we’re exposed to daily in a big city can even deepen the nasolabial fold line and make us look older.”

Although the big boys are certainly homing in on this trend, it’s the natural and organic sector that’s perfectly positioned to prosper due to the very nature of the category. “It’s a very interesting niche for the natural/organic sector, because by default the ingredients we know and love – antioxidants, herbals, arctic berries, etc – are all perfect for the new anti-pollution formulations,” says Klonarides.

“The plant kingdom is filled with fascinating antioxidant ingredients and I see the natural/organic sector primed to incorporate many of these ingredients with anti-pollution claims,” Lorraine Dallmeier, director of Formula Botanica concurs. However, she adds: “Whether those claims actually stack up against science is another matter entirely and I suspect that it will take many years for researchers to catch up with the novel anti-pollution ingredients used on the market, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try them all out in the meantime!”

The anti-pollution tag may also help brands target consumers with whom the dated and somewhat negative term ‘anti-ageing’ no longer sits comfortably, as many of the ingredients work on similar problem areas. 

A crossover trend
“I’m seeing many big brands start to incorporate anti-pollution skincare into their ranges, but interestingly I’m also seeing quite a few rebrand their existing formulations to make anti-pollution claims alongside anti-ageing claims,” says Dallmeier. 

Morgan sees an overlap between anti-ageing and anti-pollution products, as one of the main effects of pollution on the skin is ageing. “However, I believe that anti-pollution is developing into its own sector. Pollutants not only accelerate ageing, they also can cause hyper-pigmentation, oxidative stress, inflammation and breakouts, so anti-pollution skincare is not just another branch of anti-ageing, it is a category in its own right.”

“Good anti-pollution products strengthen and protect the skin’s natural barrier, so there is a crossover,” agrees Klonarides. “Formulas with powerful antioxidants – which we need to protect skin from pollution damage from diesel exhaust fumes and other tiny particles that are skin aggressors – are also by default effective anti-agers. So although it’s a much newer trend – and in some ways different from anti-ageing skincare from a marketing perspective – there are plenty of similarities.”

I’m seeing many big brands start to incorporate anti-pollution skincare into their ranges, but interestingly I’m also seeing quite a few rebrand their existing formulations to make anti-pollution claims alongside anti-ageing claims

The basic principles of anti-pollution skincare products are that they will either prevent or correct the damage caused by pollution – or both, says Dallmeier. “It always easier to prevent than rectify, although currently very little scientific data exists to demonstrate that skincare can prevent or rectify skin damage caused by pollution levels,” she adds.

So what ingredients should consumers be looking for in their anti-pollution skincare solutions? Dallmeier says the three ingredient qualities that are particularly efficacious are: antioxidant, cleansing and oil balancing. “In general, anti-pollution formulators should aim to incorporate high antioxidant levels. Furthermore, living in a highly polluted area means your skin may feel as if it has a thick layer of grime and grease on it, so gentle cleansing products are important. They may also wish to account for higher levels of sebum production by formulating skincare which has a balancing effect on the oil levels of the skin. 

“Barrier repair functionality is also key, as cholesterol levels are low in the skin exposed to pollution. Some people may find that pollution has a drying effect on their skin given depleted antioxidant levels. Finally, formulators should consider the pH of their products and aim to normalize skin pH by ensuring that their formulations sit in the correct pH range of healthy normal skin – somewhere between 4 to 6.5.”

Perry references a number of pollution-busting ingredients in the new Manuka Doctor range, including purified bee venom containing enzymes, peptides and amino acids to encourage cell regeneration, collagen formation and reduce damage from external aggressors. Bee venom has also been shown to help reverse the signs of ageing by enabling the recovery of collagen and elastin.

Also used is Marrubium vulgare extract (white horehound) which protects skin cells from pollutants and genetic ravage; Albizia julibrissin bark extract to revive tired looking skin by protecting and repairing the protein structures damaged by glycation; and detoxifying peach flower to help limit free radical damage.

“Anti-pollution products are designed to draw out pollution particles from skin (think clay masks and deep cleansers) and they should protect the skin barrier,” explains Klonarides. “These kinds of formulas can lean heavily on antioxidants B3 and/or B-complex, C, D, E, as well as more plant-powered back-up from ingredients like superoxide dismutase, resveratrol, curcumin and ashwaganda. I like glutathione a lot, it’s powerful and you can take it orally. And micro-algae and arctic berries are great ammunition against pollution damage too.”

Future focus
With environmental lawyers calling air pollution figures released by the Government last September a ‘national embarrassment’ and the revelation in February that almost 2,000 locations across the UK had levels of air pollution that exceeded safety limits, this problem is not going to be solved overnight, if ever. With this in mind, the anti-pollution skincare category seems set to grow and develop within the foreseeable future. So what are the likely trends that consumers will see on shelf? 

According to Future Market Insights, although the majority of anti-pollution products are currently aimed at women, it is the rapid growth of the men’s grooming category that will lead to a boost in demand for anti-pollution ingredients.

Klonarides believes that anti-pollution skincare is an important sector for both consumers and for brands to generate additional product revenues, and she sees innovation coming in delivery formats: “I think we could see a lot more oral supplements, and anti-pollution drinks landing soon – a boom in anti-pollution-specific supplements alongside topical products. There’s nothing more powerful than an inside-out approach to keep skin happy.”

Citing a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science looking at the effects of pollution particulates adhering to hair and causing pollution-related hair loss, Dallmeier expects to see ‘the anti-pollution hair care conversation start to take off even more and become the next big thing in anti-pollution formulations’.


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