Nearly three in ten (28%) women have reduced the number of products they use in their facial skincare regimes in the past year in a bid to simplify their beauty routines, according to new research by Mintel.

Millennials appear to be spearheading this trend, with the research company revealing that 20-29-year-olds were the most likely (54%) to have pared down their skincare solutions.

“Stepping away from multi-step routines, the proportion of women using just one product to cleanse their face has risen from 25% in 2018 to 28% in 2019,” says Mintel. “Meanwhile, the proportion of women using four or more products to cleanse has fallen sharply from 26% in 2018 to 18% in 2019. The biggest facial cleansing casualties include facial cleansing wash (from 55% to 50%), as well as facial cleansing wipes (from 54% to 43%) and facial toners (from 29% to 25%).”

This need for simplicity has pushed them towards minimalist skincare products with more intense active ingredients, such as serums and oils

Mintel also highlights a move away from make-up – with 31% of users purchasing cosmetics less frequently in the past year. Also, few women are using day cream (down to 60% from 66%), night cream (44% from 48%) and BB, CC and DD creams (15% from 21%). However, serums and oils have remained steady, with a penetration of 24%.

“A growing number of UK women are turning away from the multi-step K-Beauty routine, hoping to reach the same glowing result without having to put the time in,” says Alex Fisher, global skincare analyst at Mintel. “This need for simplicity has pushed them towards minimalist skincare products with more intense active ingredients, such as serums and oils.”

“In the last few years, women have moved from matte make-up looks towards glittery highlighters, and are now choosing to ‘glow from within’ using skincare, rather than make-up,” she adds. “Serums and oils are the products of choice for creating this luminous look, while other options have been dropped from the routine. Serum is a well-liked format, perceived as brightening and nourishing, and often includes ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants which are said to illuminate skin. Meanwhile, oil is considered by some to be greasy, but this could also add to a more dewy/glistening complexion, which feeds into the overall desire to achieve glowing skin.”

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