nature nurture eye gel

Nature & Nurture launches anti-ageing skincare range

A four-strong anti-ageing skincare range has been launched by ethical brand Nature & Nurture (N&N). N&N Youth-Protect Moisturizer combines skin-boosting and nourishing ingredients and is bursting with fruit antioxidants and vitamins. Organic buriti oil in included along with roasted coffee bean oil and vanilla extract, for a strong anti-ageing boost and a subtle scent. Derma-Renew […]

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Junk food diet linked to blood cell mutations

Scientists at Swansea University has shown that eating a constant diet of junk food damages red blood cells (RBCs), making them more likely to undergo cancer-linked mutations. The scientists say it is the low level of antioxidants in a junk food diet that produces the damaged blood cells. Dr Hasan Haboubi, a gastroenterologist and cancer […]

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Frying veg in olive oil increases antioxidant activity

A study by researchers at the University of Granada has found that vegetables deep-fried in extra virgin olive oil have a higher healthy phenol content and antioxidant capacity than their boiled or raw counterparts. The research, published in Food Chemistry, aimed to discover what effect a variety of cooking methods had on the health benefits […]

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shampoo green people

Green People goes with the grain

Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner are the two latest products from the Green People organic beauty brand. The products are designed to recharge and reinforce the strength of each hair strand to deliver ultra-soft hair with a sleek shine. Quinoa is used to enhance softness, making hair manageable and easier to style, coating each […]

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Sibberi Birch Water group shot

Sibberi brings taste of the forest to UK market

London-based start-up Sibberi has brought its natural Birch Water to the UK market. The only brand with no added sugar, Birch Water is 100% birch sap, tapped straight from the trunk of birch trees, and contains only five calories per 100ml. The sap is naturally enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and has […]

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Alorée nurtures plant power in UK natural beauty market

Pravera has joined forces with award-winning French natural and organic brand Alorée to bring its chlorophyll-based anti-ageing skincare range to the UK market. “My experience creating skincare formulas for other brands for eight years helped develop my intuition when it comes to exploring new skincare ingredients. I had a feeling that chlorophyll, which enables plants […]

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Bowl + Beetroot

Catch-up with foxy Beetroot

The Foraging Fox has added a ruby red twist to table top sauces with the launch of its Beetroot Ketchup. Beetroot has become known for having a list of health benefits and is a source of folic acid, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, B6 and C, as well antioxidants. This new natural condiment is […]

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Gourmet Spirulina Nibs Petals and Crunchies(1)

Spirulina goodness gets the gourmet treatment

Gourmet Spirulina, the first spirulina food range, has launched in the UK in a bid to take spirulina from dietary supplement to tasty superfood. The new range of convenient foods consists of Crunchies, Nibs and Petals which are rich in vitamins, iron and antioxidants, and have a high phycocyanin rate of between 18% and 25%. […]

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Raw power from Amazing Grass

New to the Amazing Grass organic green food range comes Raw Reserve Berry, a new flavour combination of berries, probiotics and raw superfood greens to help support healthy immune and digestive systems. “Amazing Grass fans are incredibly passionate about nutrition, and we’ve long wanted to create a new way for them to enjoy the superfood […]

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Mello 2bottles

Mello yellow

The recently launched Mello brand is the UK’s first and only raw fresh melon juice range. Available in two varieties – Watermelon and Cantaloupe – the range aims to fill the gap between sugar-laden soft drinks and ‘health drink’ offerings which the company says many consumers don’t find palatable. The juices are produced using  high […]

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Organic is different

To many of us, especially those who grow our own, the idea that organically produced fruit and veg is good for you just seems instinctively right. When you know what has – and hasn’t – gone into the soil and how little the sophisticated processes of nature have been interfered with by the grower, then […]

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Scientists challenge antioxidant hypothesis of organic food study

A number of scientists have questioned the significance of the recently published study by Newcastle University into the compositional differences between organic and conventional food, arguing that higher antioxidant levels in food do not confer any proven health benefits. Tom Sanders, professor of nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London, told Radio 4’s Today Programme […]

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Featured image organic

Organic’s higher antioxidant levels equivalent to two extra five-a-day portions

In the largest study of its kind, an international team of experts led by Newcastle University, UK, has shown that organic food is up to 69% higher in a number of key antioxidants than conventionally-grown crops. Analysing 343 studies into the compositional differences between organic and conventional crops, the team found that a switch to […]

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Girls group

BRYT botanical beauty

Described as a breakthrough range in which aromatherapy meets phytoscience, the BRYT Skincare range utilizes botanical ingredients which are beneficial for all ages, but particularly for young adults with evolving skin. The company advocates a three-step process of cleansing, nourishing and protecting with products incorporating organic superfruits to maintain an uncomplicated, effective regime to boost […]

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benecos’ beauty boosts

Natural beauty brand benecos has added a number of new lines to its cosmetics range in the form of complexion enhancers and eye products. Natural BB Cream 8 in 1 is a multi-use tinted face balm containing a blend of antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients including organic acai berry oil, pomegranate seed oil, hyaluronic acid and […]

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