The Who’s Who in Natural Beauty is our annual list of the Top 25 personalities helping to move the natural beauty industry forward.

From product developers to company founders, and retailers to journalists, we focus on the individuals who never tire of championing true green beauty and showcasing what it stands for to the world at large.

Whether it be for product development, consumer awareness, advances in ingredients or cracking the mainstream retail trade, this is where you can celebrate the best in your business.

This is your chance to influence who makes this year’s coveted Who’s Who in Natural Beauty list. If you work within the beauty industry, simply let us know who you think the top five personalities are in 2020.

Top 25 - Who's Who in Natural Beauty

  • Who, in your opinion, are the most influential personalities within the natural and organic beauty industry? We invite you to nominate up to 5 personalities who are making a real difference. Simply type a name and hit the '+' button at the end to add another. Once you're done hit 'submit'.
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  • Closing Date: Friday 31st July 2020
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Closing date for nominations is Friday 31st July 2020. Please note: nominations received by individuals not professionally connected to the beauty industry will not be counted.

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2 Responses to Nominations open for Who’s Who in Natural Beauty 2020

  1. Avatar
    Rachel Wild August 1, 2020 at 7:00 pm #

    Hi, I love this initiative, and appreciate its importance. My small artisanal company has even been nominated (Wild As The Wind :: ), but there’s no way a small company like mine will ever win something like this. I hand-make my products and I publish a lot of cutting edge health information on my info website (, plus I have excellent green credentials, so I meet the criteria, but I will never get anywhere near enough nominations to get close to the leader board. Is there a chance that next year you could extend this initiative to provide different categories, including things like best newcomer and most loved small enterprise… and perhaps even the most life-changing business? (I am often told my products are life-changing. Likewise my health articles.) Thanks for your time.

    • Rosie Greenaway
      Rosie Greenaway August 3, 2020 at 12:43 pm #

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us – and congratulations on your nomination! You make some interesting and valid points. It’s not unheard of for small brands to make it into the Top 25 by any means, (and indeed some have featured in past Who’s Who and 30 under 30 lists) however I do appreciate it might feel that way when competing with larger names. Beginning last year we actually launched a Rising Star category within the Who’s Who in Natural Beauty, which represents smaller brands such as yours and celebrates their growing contribution to the sector. This category has been well received so we are running it again this year. We continue to review all of our features and awards/recognition programmes to ensure we’re conducting them in the best way possible for the industry, so I will absolutely discuss your category suggestions with the team when the time comes to plan for 2021.

      Kind regards
      Rosie – editor

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