TODDS aims to scrub up well in the UK market


TODDS has introduced its environmentally friendly, 100% natural Coconut Scourers to the UK market in a bid to offer a competitively priced plastic-free alternative.

Made in Sri Lanka where they are sold island-wide, TODDS produces these household essentials using coir, a natural fibre extracted from between the hard internal shell and the outer husk of coconuts.

After being removed using steel combs, the coir is cleaned and straightened, then washed and dried and used as a material for making rope and rugs – and TODDS scourers.

The brand says that the product is more hygienic than synthetic sponges and the fibres are naturally non-scratch so can be used on multiple surfaces. The handcrafted scourers are naturally porous so they retain less water and are quick-drying, and each one can be used for up to six weeks.

100% biodegradable and bonded with natural plant latex, at the end of their lifecycle the scourers can be repurposed in flowerpots or garden beds.

TODDS offers employment to local villagers in Sri Lanka, with all employees receiving a living wage above the Government-set minimum. Employees are also given access to a provident fund they can use at times of need or emergency.