A superfood spoonful

Spoon Cereals has introduced a new range of mueslis to its breakfast offer, created with ancient grains, superfood powders and spices.

The two variants available are: The Nutty One, combining jumbo oats with malted barley flakes, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, puffed quinoa, orange peel, cinnamon and turmeric; and Berry Fix, a mixture of jumbo oats, malted barley flakes, roasted buckwheat, chopped dates, pumpkin seeds, raspberry, strawberries, beetroot and blueberries.

“We realised from an early stage in our venture that more people are looking for that sweet spot between health and taste in the morning,” explains Annie Morris, co-founder of Spoon Cereals. “Easy to achieve with granola, a slightly more ambitious task for muesli, which has gained a reputation for looking and tasting a bit like rabbit food and is generally seen as a bit old fashioned.

“We wanted to achieve a product that wasn’t full of dried fruits, refined sugars or artificial favours, which meant days of testing recipes with the perfect blend of top-quality whole grains, nuts, fruits and spices. The result is something that is both nutritious but most importantly full of flavour.”