The Bay Tree gets ready for summer

The Bay Tree Sauces

The Bay Tree has extended its recent packaging redesign to further products and added a new BBQ sauce.

The fresh new look, which last year was rolled out to the brand’s preserves and pickles ranges has now been unveiled for five table sauces and nine dressings.

“The vibrant new design began to make its way onto shelves last autumn,” explains The Bay Tree Founder, Emma Macdonald. “Now, we are looking forward to the full collection being available, providing retailers with a cohesive range, which has real visual impact. Our mission is to make the ordinary extraordinary, and all our recipes are rooted in our core values which celebrate the joy of good food and the pleasures it gives us.”

The brand has also launched a new Sticky Chinese Barbecue Sauce, which can be used as a condiment, glaze or marinade, ready for the summer BBQ season.