Clipper blends organic infusions

Clipper Teas has introduced five new natural and organic herbal teas to its infusions range.

Calmer Chameleon, Flower Power, Happy Mondays, Skinni Mintie and Skinni Vanilli join the existing Snore and Peace and Rise and Shine blends.

“We pride ourselves on bringing fresh ideas and remarkable new products to the tea category, and our new Organic Infusions blends have been designed to give people even more reasons to include tea in their lives,” comments Rebecca Vercoe, Clipper brand controller at Wessanen UK. “Whether it’s an early morning pick-me-up, a caffeine free boost to overcome the 3pm energy slump or to help with sleep, our Organic Infusions range has been carefully developed to appeal to a contemporary audience who are looking for more from their tea.”

The new range is designed to combine quirky and memorable names with bright colourful packaging to broaden appeal to a younger audience.

“The younger generation are the biggest growth area for Clipper and developing new products which appeal to these consumers is absolutely vital to the future health of the tea market,” adds Vercoe. “The fun and light-hearted packaging has been designed to attract younger shoppers as the perfect fit for their lifestyles.”