Hurly Burly launches slate of raw slaws


The Hurly Burly range of organic, fresh, raw slaws have launched onto the health food scene through Whole Foods, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended.

The Hurly Burly Fermented Raw Slaws come in three varieties: Jalapeño & Oregano – zingy, crunchy and a tad hot; Turmeric & Cumin, described as bold, rich and fragrant; and fresh, crisp and cleansing Lemon & Ginger.

The slaws are organic, vegan, fat-, gluten- and dairy-free, and thanks to the two to three week fermenting process, are designed to boost gut health and digestion.

The slaws were created by Bertie Chamberlain as “a wonderful, healthy challenger brand to the very stagnant coleslaw market whilst at the same time offering eaters a positive addition to any diet involving a focus on gut health and general wellbeing”.

Hurly Burly is available via Marigold and Essential Trading.