Keep skin sun safe with Green Energy Organics

Green Energy Organics has formulated a range of natural sun care and sunscreen products that employs a triple performance system for skin protection.

The formula includes: four types of rice to offer an antioxidant effect against UVA/UVB rays in combination with tocopherol; shea butter with a high level of cinnamic acid to act as a natural sunscreen; and plant stem cells – Camellia sinesis, Origanum and sea buckthorn – which are included to reduce UV damage by quenching free radicals and thereby preventing the breakdown of collagen.

The range, which is certified organic to the ICEA standard, incorporates: Anti-Ageing Sun Cream SPF 30 to protect even the most sensitive skin; Baby & Toddler Sun Cream SPF 50, to retain moisture and protect skin of all ages; Anti-Ageing After Sun, to restore moisture and prevent premature ageing and the appearance of age spots.