Little Soap Company adds to artisan, organic range

little soap co

The Little Soap Company has introduced a range of eco-friendly candles in time for those dark winter nights, along with a selection of new organic pet products.

The all-natural candles are hand-poured using natural, non-GM soya bean wax, which is biodegradable, sustainable and cultivated without pesticides or herbicides. The candles have cotton wicks and burn from 30-50% longer than regular paraffin wax candles. They come in English Lavender and Pure Rose Geranium and are free from synthetic ingredients, being scented with essential oils.

“With our new candle range, we have taken our signature scent of rose geranium and relaxing English lavender out of the bathroom and into the rest of the home,” explains Little Soap Company founder Emma Heathcote-James. “Our candles are made from eco-friendly, toxin-free ingredients, and their wonderful fragrance is sure to soothe your mood on a cold and dark winter’s day.”

The candles are available in 3 sizes: Mini (120ml) for travelling or gift hampers;

Medium (180ml) boxed candles for the home or office; and Extra Large (500ml), a luxury, three-wick boxed candle.

The company has also launched a new Pet Shampoo, Pet Shampoo Bar and Spritz as part of its organic Little Beast pet range. Designed to calm pets and repel fleas, the products are suitable for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Heathcote-James explains: “I fostered puppy guide-dogs, and although one in particular, Umber, was delightful, he had a tendency to roll in fox poo! Nothing seemed to get rid of the smell, so I developed my own soap bar from all natural ingredients, which worked, wonders for his skin and coat too. Our new organic liquid soap works just as well and the spritz quickly freshens up pets’ fur and bedding, in between washes.”