Lula Green introduces organic bed linen line

lula green

British company Lula Green has launched with a range of organic bed linen in a bid to fill what founder Julia Otto sees as a gap in the market.

The three initial collections are Pure, Accent and Jacquard, and they offer duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases in nine different designs.

“Most of the organic bed linen currently on the market has a limited colour palette of whites and greys,” explains Otto. “At Lula Green we want to show that luxury and sustainability can also be playful and bold – our jacquards come in a variety of colours and the subtle detailing of our Accent designs makes them a stylish yet understated choice.”

All of Lula Green’s products adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). “Cotton is one of the finest materials when it comes to comfort and luxury sheets,” says Otto. “However, it is also reputed to have one of the worst environmental impacts when it comes to the actual farming of the plant and the manufacturing of the fabric, due to its heavy use of harmful chemicals. When building Lula Green it was crucial that everything we do as a business is thoughtful beyond the product itself, from our organic cotton down to the glue we use in our packaging.”