Made in Brixton

Newly launched from a studio in Brixton, south London, is the Hairy Jayne hair care range – hand-made hair products inspired by traditional remedies.

The products are made in small batches using natural ingredients which are ethically sourced.

Ex-graphic designer and self-confessed ‘geeky hairdresser’ Jayne uses retro-inspired graphics on the recyclable packaging to give a nostalgic feel, “harking back to a time when handcrafted goods were the norm”.

The brand offers a range of shampoos and conditioners all fragranced with geranium, bergamot and vanilla; a Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil with bay, clary sage, lavender and ylang ylang to relieve irritation, nourish the follicles and soothe the hair; and Hair Perfume with Heat Protection in Floral, Citrus or Musk.