Naturya gets in the mix

Naturya has added to its superfood range with the launch of three nutrient-rich Soil Association-certified organic blends at Biofach this month.

The blends each comprise five or six nutrient-rich ingredients which are designed to create products that are both convenient and taste great.

The three blends are: Choc, which combines cocoa paste, lucuma, maca, cocoa powder, raw cane juice crystals and vanilla; Green, a power-packed blend of wheatgrass, hemp protein, barleygrass, spirulina and chlorella, sweetened with freeze-dried pineapple; and Organic Fruit, a vitamin-rich blend of banana, goji, hemp protein, pineapple and acai powders.

“The launch of the new blends gives stockists a real point of difference in the fast-growing superfood category,” explains Naturya’s managing director, Martin Kemp. “Naturya has enjoyed fantastic growth since its launch in 2009 and we believe the new products will present a great opportunity for retailers and that they will enjoy the same popularity and loyalty as the single ingredient products.”

Primarily intended to be added to smoothies and fruit juice, or milk in the case of the choc blend, the superfood blends can also be added to desserts and energy bars.