OWAY bring biodynamic beauty from Bologna

New hair care brand OWAY has launched in the UK with 14 products all made from ingredients grown on Ortofficina biodynamic farm in Bologna.

Sourced from fair trade networks, the hair care treatments, colour and styling products contain at least 92% natural ingredients including essential oils such as rosemary, sage, lemon balm, thyme, mint and helichrysum, all grown, harvested and naturally distilled on the farm.

The hair care products are packaged in amber glass bottles to protect their botanical components and no exterior packaging is used.

The ranges on offer are Daily Act Range, xVolume Range, Colour Up Range, beCurly, Silk’n Glow and Smooth+, Boho.

The ‘hero’ products currently are Pomade to create texture and definition with a natural finish; Sea Salt Spray to separate strands with medium hold and create a matte effect; and Glam Shine Spray which gives hair shine with a glossy, silky effect.

“For a long time, consumers have been forced to choose between ethical products which do not work as desired, or products which have a harmful impact on the world around us,” explains Nick Shillabeer, UK MD of OWAY.

“We’re giving them the choice to reduce their environmental footprint and detoxify from chemical agents, while achieving the salon-quality look and feel they want for their hair. We combine the old-fashioned concept of farming all ingredients in one place with modern distillation methods to create products which are both ethically sourced and wonderfully effective.”