Pai hosts breast cancer and beauty talk

Pai Skincare founder Sarah Brown and author of The Elegant Art of Falling Apart and Chemo-Chic blog Jessica Jones will host a talk at The Haven centre on the theme of Breast Cancer & Beauty on 15th October at 5pm–6.30pm.

An expert on sensitive, delicate and unpredictable skin, Sarah will explain the effects of treatment on the skin and ways you can keep skin at is healthiest. Jesssica Jones, a breast cancer survivor herself, will share what she learned about the ingredients in the products she loved, and the all-natural alternatives she discovered along the way.

This event is free to attend, and is strictly not for profit or gain.

Sarah Brown and the Pai team, like most women, have experienced breast cancer close to home over the past year, and are committed to doing something positive and practical to help those looking for advice and information.

Many women turn to certified organic products after treatment or illness when looking for something gentle and pure to nourish the skin back to full health. As well as product recommendations, Pai takes care to recommend diet, wellbeing and lifestyle tips that can also help you feel and look your best.

The Haven is one of the only free support centres dedicated to breast cancer care in London, and helps thousands of women deal with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer and treatment every day.

To register please call 020 7384 0099.