T-tox matcha blends enter health and fitness market


T-tox has launched as the first matcha tea range in the UK blended specifically for active people.

The three-strong range incorporates Matcha Energise, a blend of Japanese matcha green tea powder, ginger, guarana, ginseng and ginkgo biloba; Matcha Recovery which aims to improve recovery with a blend of matcha, peppermint, nettle, milk thistle, spirulina and lavender; and Matcha Health, combining matcha with moringa.

The brand also offers a T-tox Glass Shaker designed for on-the-go consumption.

The T-tox range is made using ceremonial grade matcha and was created by master tea blender Johnny Harris, company founder, who is a personal trainer and sports therapist.

Commenting on the launch, he says: “Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts take in coffee before a workout due to the documented improvements to performance, yet so many people I work with noticed the ‘jittery’ side-effects. The product range we have created offers a slow-release ‘focused alertness’ and the associated improvements to performance without negatively affecting sleep.

“The teas come in a quality convenient tin which keeps the contents fresh for months, perfect to keep at work or at home or in your gym bag with a T-tox glass shaker, also available for retail. You take the Matcha Energise before a workout and the Matcha Recovery post work out and Matcha Health is for everyday drinking.”