The breakfast of cavemen

New from The Paleo Foods Co comes what the company says is the UK’s first Paleo Granola.

Made using no grains or refined sugar, just toasted nuts, crunchy seeds, berries, coconut chunks and honey, it is available in three flavours: Honey & Pecan; Berry & Almond; and Cocoa & Hazel.

Paleo Granola creator Claire Dinsmore, comments on the launch: “Paleo Granola is quite unique in its category; it is the only breakfast cereal/granola on the shelf that doesn’t contain any grains. The nuts, fruit, seeds and honey are the types of ingredients we would have sourced back then from foraging our breakfast.

“When starting the business I really wanted a breakfast cereal that went back to nature as I found other breakfast cereal alternatives currently on the market contained mostly oats and sugar and provided little nutritional quality.”

She added: “We are seeing a rising trend towards non-processed and more natural breakfast choices but with mornings often time-limited we can rarely fire up the stove and cook something from scratch. Paleo Granola therefore provides a convenient choice for people looking for a natural alternative.”