Earthsong Seeds grows organic offer

Earthsong Seeds has introduced its Seed Collections range ‘to celebrate the ritual of sowing seeds, watching them grow into beautiful plants and enjoying their health-giving potential’.

The new selection has been created to bring together all the essential herbs required to make a home apothecary, with each box focusing on a specific need. The range includes: First Aid Herbal Garden, Garden of Happiness, Herbal Kitchen Garden, Herbal Tea Garden, Relaxing Massage Garden, Soothing Digestive Garden, Sweet Dreams Garden, The Breathing Garden and The Scented Garden.

“When you grow herbs in your garden you literally have a delicious cup of tea at your fingertips, herbal heroes that will soothe a sting or a bite, or calming herbs to support a good night’s sleep, all on your doorstep,” says Sebastian Pole (Pukka Herbs co-founder) who created the brand with Ben Heron (Biolaya Organics co-founder). “Each of these Seed Collections has been carefully selected, whether you are a professional herbalist, gardening enthusiast, or simply enjoy herbal tea, to inspire you to add diversity into your garden as well as benefiting your own health and wellbeing.

growing healing plants and then making them into various teas and potions, is something that we find thoroughly nourishing

“We especially want the seeds and plants we offer to encourage the tradition of the home apothecary; growing and making your own simple herbal health-remedies at home. Looking after ourselves takes many forms, and growing healing plants and then making them into various teas and potions is something that we find thoroughly nourishing. Our team has many years of herb-hunting and organic herb growing experience and we are devoted to growing food and medicines in a way that nurtures Nature as well as ourselves.

“All of Earthsong Seeds’ herbs are grown using organic practices, and they are in the process of certifying our land with the Soil Association,” says Heron. “One of the great things about growing medicinal herbs is that they are so attractive to many insects. For not only are they all beautiful in their own way, they weave an essential loop in the ecology and health of all life.”