In its first ever Crowdcube campaign, ethical personal care brand Faith in Nature has already exceeded its initial target of £550,00 by over £37,000, raising 97% on day one of opening for early access investment.

The crowdfund will enable the B Corp company to continue taking steps to reduce its environmental impact, seeking out greener ways to manufacture, more sustainable product innovation and helping to create more eco-friendly options.

“After 50 years, we’re really excited to be welcoming investors for our business for the very first time,” comments Faith in Nature’s creative director. “We truly believe that this isn’t just an opportunity to invest in a commercially successful brand, but in everything we stand for too. From looking after the future of our planet and seeking out sustainable innovation to championing the brand at the forefront of the legal rights of nature movement, we want to make it even easier to do good both for people and the planet.”

With 99% naturally derived and vegan formulas, recyclable packaging and a portfolio made up of 40% bulk refillable products, Faith in Nature aims to put the investment towards further innovation in the recyclable, reusable packaging space. Last year the brand reduced the energy required in their manufacturing process by 40% and plans to reduce this by an additional 20% in the next 18 months.

The Faith in Nature crowdfund will be live until the end of July.