6th Organic Producer Conference programme announced

The Organic Research Centre has released the full programme for the 6th Organic Producer Conference.

The two-day event — which has ‘Developing better organic systems’  as its central theme — continues the tradition of bringing innovative organic producers and other businesses together with consultants and researchers to explore the latest ideas for improving the technical, business and environmental performance of organic systems.

With its clear commitment to core organic principles as a basis for developing sustainable food systems, ORC says that organic/agro-ecological approaches to food production represent a scientifically credible and justifiable alternative to more industrialised and resource-dependent forms of agriculture. It says these approaches — and the Conference itself — have relevance not only to certified organic businesses, but also to non-organic producers looking to improve their husbandry and performance.

The Conference Keynote will be given by Professor Miguel Altieri, the leading exponent of agro-ecological approaches to farming in the US and Latin America

• For more information visit the events pages at www.organicresearchcentre.com