Burger chain adopts Vegan Trademark on menu

The Handmade Burger Co is now displaying the Vegan Trademark on menus to demonstrate its commitment to offer a wide selection of vegan food after it recently registered 17 menu items with the trademark.

The items registered include the Cajun Vegetable & Bean Burger, the Spinach & Lentil Burger, the Chickpea and Quinoa Burger and the Junior Falafel burger.

Sinead Edom, who manages finance and purchasing for the 23-strong UK chain, explained: “The inspiration took hold when we launched our first vegan burger in 2014. We had such amazing feedback from vegans and we wanted to further explore this market and to expand the menu offering for vegans.”

A spokesperson for the Vegan Society commented: “We are absolutely delighted that such a popular and ambitious burger chain has registered so many of its products with our Vegan Trademark. It is yet another sign of the ever-increasing demand for vegan options in high street restaurants, and a great example of veganism becoming further ingrained in mainstream culture for the benefit of the animals, our health, the environment, and also for the future of our food.”

The news comes as the Vegan Society has incorporated a new and improved Vegan Trademark search within its website to enable ethical consumers to more easily search for over 18,000 products registered with The Vegan Society worldwide.

“The all-new Vegan Trademark search on our website is a fast and easy way to find the 18,000 or so products that we have stringently checked and registered worldwide,” said the charity. “Within seconds it gives consumers absolute confidence that these products are free of all animal use – in ingredients and testing.”