China and Canada step closer to banning animal testing

Shanghai-based personal care company Eco&more has become the very first Chinese company to join PETA’s cruelty-free list of firms to ban animal testing on their products, formulations or ingredients.

In an effort to reduce the number of animals used in the registration and testing of cosmetics in China, the US non-profit laboratory, the Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration Institute, is assisting China authorities in adopting alternative methods to evaluate cosmetics manufactured in the Zhejiang province.

“Eco&more is showing the world that there are companies in China that don’t want any part of poisoning animals in cruel tests and we’re pleased that compassionate Chinese consumers have more options to choose from,” says PETA senior vice president Kathy Guillermo.

Animal testing of cosmetics in Canada has also taken a step forward following a second reading of Bill S-214, which proposes new legislation that would prohibit cosmetic animal testing and the sale of cosmetics developed or manufactured using that method.

“I am so happy to see such an important bill so close to becoming legislation,” said Senator Stewart Olsen, who spearheaded the bill. “It’s inspiring, in that there’s nothing partisan about trying to prevent needless animal suffering in the name of beauty.”

Troy Seidle, Humane Society International’s director of research and toxicology said: “This is a landmark day for animals in Canada and for our global #BeCrueltyFree campaign thanks to Senator Stewart Olsen’s leadership in championing this progressive legislation.”

Scientists funded in part by PETA continue to train Chinese government scientists in the use of non-animal tests for cosmetics ingredients.