Poster campaign aims to simplify legislation message

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) used this week’s Natural & Organic Products Europe exhibition to launch a set of four, multi-format posters to support its campaign to protect citizens’ rights to natural health.

The campaign group says it hopes that its posters will help engage a wide group of people with the campaign that it admits has “necessarily involved complex, scientific and legal ideas often not fully understood by laypeople”.

ANH-Intl‘s executive and scientific director, Robert Verkerk, commented just ahead of the show: “This is more about the heart than it is the head. We feel our friends at Emblema, who have long supported ANH’s ideals, have really captured graphically what it is that we do and why we do it. We are releasing the poster files into the public domain on the eve of Natural Products Europe at Olympia in London that starts on Sunday and not long before we initiate judicial review proceedings in response to the EU herb ban.”

ANH-Intl says it hopes that the set of four, thought-provoking posters will be distributed widely, including virally on social networks. The posters are available at a low resolution for screen or online viewing, but also for download and printing. Some companies have already agreed to distribute the posters to health stores to help inform consumers about the risks to the ongoing availability of effective natural health products.