What it really takes to be a successful health food retailer today

Just how can independent health food stores differentiate themselves to successfully compete against Whole Foods, multiples, mass and online retailers?

The United States, a land of 311M people, has 11,926 independent health food stores. These independents are up against 300 Whole Foods ($9B) 361 Trader Joes($8.5B) and 36,000 supermarkets all of whom offer some amount of natural and organic products.

What separates the independents who thrive and prosper from those who languish and fall by the wayside? Sure, a more educated staff? Specialized product selection? Better service? Is that enough?

In his Keynote talk at 6th National Health Store Conference, long time natural products industry consultant Bob Burke discusses some innovative marketing strategies, best practices and case studies from leading independent health food stores who have not only withstood fierce competition but have adapted and grown in the face of it. He will also touch on the burgeoning anti-GMO movement and review emerging new product trends in the US. Some of which we have seen here, and some that are likely on the way.

Working smarter is the theme for the 6th National Health Store Conference, the must-attend event of the year for independent health store owners and staff.

Find out from experienced retailers, top business trainers and coaches how applying ‘working smarter’ techniques in the running of your store could achieve brilliant results at every level of the business.

With a fantastic line-up of speakers and a packed programme of talks and workshops, this year’s Health Store Conference will inform, entertain and inspire you!

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