Lily’s Kitchen has fun in the sun


Lily’s Kitchen has created a new recipe to provide a summertime vibe for our four-legged friends.

Surf & Turf is a mixture of salmon, prawns, beef, green veg and botanical herbs which aims to offer a ‘best of coast and country’ recipe crammed with nutrients.

“Our delicious Surf & Turf recipe has been designed alongside a range of experts, ensuring that it doesn’t just fill tummies but also feeds the overall health of your pet. The natural nourishment provided within helps to promote a shiny coat, healthy skin and healthy digestion,” explains Lily’s Kitchen founder Henrietta Morrison.

Salmon was chosen for its omega-3 richness to give pets a healthy skin and coat, and spinach is incorporated as a good source of dietary fibre for healthy digestion. Vitamin C in the form of rosehips is also included to help boost the immune system.

The recipe is hypoallergenic, natural and holistic. It contains no rendered meats, animal derivatives, added fillers, artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, and is grain-free to help reduce bloating and wind.