Nonno Nanni fresh to the UK

Nonno Nanni

Italian family-owned fresh cheese producer Nonno Nanni has launched in the UK to deliver the taste of an age-old Italian tradition.

The cheeses are produced using living lactic ferments which achieve extremely high concentrations, in excess of two billion per gram and the specific of the starter culture that Nonno Nanni uses, gives its cheese its unique flavour, says the company.

The UK offer includes: Stracchino, a cows’ milk cheese with a very soft, creamy texture; Robiola, described as a classic fresh, soft airy cheese with an intense, full flavour (also available in a lactose-free variety); and Squaquerello, a smooth, cheese with a melting consistency containing a higher level of starter cultures to deliver extra flavour.

The Lazzarin family has been creating soft, fresh cheeses for three generations and continues to operate in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

James Mckeown of distributor AJA Portfolio Brands, comments: “Nonno Nanni has something unique to offer outside of Italy and there is space in the UK market for their soft, fresh cheeses. I appreciate their values and how they operate – sustainability is a key part of their ethos.”