Looking for Mediterranean flavours? Me Too!

me too

The Me Too! natural food brand from Ramona’s Kitchen has introduced a number of new products to its line of Mediterranean-inspired creations.

The innovative new products include frozen Falafel Bags in Original, Sweet Potato, and Spinach & Kale; Crunchy Chickpeas, which come in five flavours: Sweet, Smoked Paprika, Miso Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Wasabi; and two new Houmous varieties – Turmeric and Smoked.

Brand owner Ramona Hazan says: “We have always felt at the forefront of innovative houmous varieties, incorporating trendy ingredients with added healthy benefits (like Seaweed Houmous). We pride ourselves on maintaining delicious, more-ish, homemade flavours that keep our customers coming back for more. All our products are made to taste as though they were made in a small kitchen in the Med a few hours before. We create real recipes and use real methods of making the food – the results are in the eating.”

“Our houmous is a three-day process and our falafel is a two-day process that allows us to guarantee the quality. We are super excited about the Crunchy Chickpeas, they are a healthy snack that’s better than nibbling on a bag of crisps – and this is the perfect year to launch them – the Year of the Pulses”.