Mophagy harnesses insect power


Mophagy has launched its range of insect-based products onto the market to offer consumers a sustainable source of protein.

The brand’s versatile ‘mellow and nutty’ Cricket Powder, aimed primarily at the sports nutrition market, is produced from high welfare whole crickets, which are gently roasted and finely milled. It can be used as a nutritional additive or cooking ingredient – stirred, sprinkled, baked or blended into a variety of dishes.

Containing 59% protein, the powder is also a natural source of all nine essential amino acids and is high in B12, omega-3s, fibre, and minerals – magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc and potassium. The combination of nutrients, says the company, works alongside protein to aid in muscle and joint repair, blood flow and a healthy heart.

The range also includes Honey Mustard Crickets, Mealworm Powder, 69% protein Cricket Powder, Whole Roasted Crickets, Whole Roasted Mealworms and BBQ Seasoned Crickets.

For every pack sold the company contributes to the Farms for Orphans charity which sets up insect micro farms in the Congo, giving four million children who have been orphaned through war and natural disaster a way to produce their own food.