NATRUE and OTB team to highlight benefits of organic beauty


NATRUE and the Organic Trade Board (OTB) have announced a new partnership to amplify their messaging through the sharing of clear, concise information about the benefits of certified organic cosmetics.

The main aim of the initiative is to support, promote and increase knowledge about the natural and organic beauty sector in the UK specifically about NATRUE-certified brands, with one main goal being to provide easy-to-digest information for consumers around the benefits of certified organic beauty.

Commenting on the partnership, NATRUE’s Dr Mark Smith says: “We are excited at the opportunity to partner with the Organic Trade Board, to add their voice to the campaign to promote organic cosmetics and to help differentiate authentically organic beauty products from the sea of greenwash on the market, which is misleading consumers. We look forward to campaigning together with the OTB for greater transparency and to communicate the clear benefits of organic cosmetics, for both people and planet.”

Adds Organic Trade Board general manager Cristina Dimetto: “Historically, the Organic Trade Board was limited to members in the Food and Drink industry, however the organisation has changed dramatically in recent years, welcoming members from all areas of the organic industry, including cosmetics. Because there is no legal definition for an organic cosmetic, it is important provide clarity, particularly for consumers, and this is where NATRUE comes in.”