Need a good Snoooze?

New to the UK market is Snoooze, an all-natural herbal drink to help consumers fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night.

Made from a combination of the sleep-inducing herbs passion flower, valerian, lemon balm and lime blossom, combined with water from the Alpine glaciers of Austria, it is available in two formulas: Snoooze Regular and Snoooze Strong.

The ready to drink product works within 30 minutes of being taken and is recommended for healthy adults aged 18 and over who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night.

Snoooze is bottled in 135ml eco-friendly carto-cans and has been developed by former Red Bull executive and food and beverage expert Hans P Vriens, who comments: “Sleep is the basis of healthy living. A healthier life has always revolved around two aspects: diet and exercise, but neither work without enough natural sleep. Better sleep is the single biggest contributor to living better and healthier. Snoooze is a natural non-habit forming way to support your natural sleep cycles and help you sleep restfully and happily so you can be at your best the next day.”