Nomads wander to UK with superfood dates

nomad dates

Nomads has entered the UK market with a line of superfood-filled dates designed to offer a new take on the healthy, on-the-go snack category.

The 100% natural Saudi Arabian Sufri dates are filled with superfoods such as chia seeds, blueberries and acai berries, and come in packs of three. The varieties available are: Chia Seed & Almond Stuffed Dates; Blueberry & Acai Stuffed Dates; and Original Premium Pitted Dates.

Gervase Fay, who is responsible for the development of Nomads in the UK, comments: “The UK is overwhelmed by mass-produced dates farmed from across the Arab world, as well as dates bars with nuts and added fruit. We felt the date was no longer being celebrated and we set about establishing its ‘King of Fruits’ status.

“By creating Nomads, we have brought the humble date bang up to date for today’s modern consumer, introducing a product that is distinctive and exciting for people who are increasingly looking for a healthier, more natural and gluten-free snack choice.”

“The super ingredient fillings in our Sufri dates, along with our brand and convenient format make us truly distinctive, creating a strong reason for retailers to stock Nomads and for consumers to trial them.”

The dates come from named farms in Saudi Arabia and are hand-picked straight from the branch.