Online vegan supermarket goes live is a new online supermarket offering solely natural, cruelty-free, plant-based and planet-friendly products to customers in the UK and EU.

The supermarket – which offers a range of premium food, household, baby, bathroom and personal hygiene products – was founded by husband and wife team Dana Levy and Peter Birrell after they became increasingly frustrated having to look at dozens of labels each time they shopped.

“The problem is that we can spend hours reading labels in supermarkets and end up with nothing. Our concept is to provide a safe place to shop whereby all products don’t contain animals, are cruelty-free and are planet friendly – hassle-free, guilt-free shopping that truly makes a difference,” says Levy.

The company says its goal is to assure customers that products they buy have little impact on the planet, freeing them up to choose products without having to concern themselves with investigating the ingredients.

“People want to do good, but it’s actually quite hard for them to do that when they don’t know the impact of products and ingredients – who has any idea what SLS is without researching it? – or when they don’t have easy, trusted access to products that meet their values. We want to facilitate this process, to help people make the world into the place they want it to be by seamlessly changing shopping habits. The formula is simple: by switching to sustainable products, every small purchase you make will have a big impact on our planet and its inhabitants,” explains Levy.

The site has an easy filtering mechanism to match products according to each customer’s values – eg, biodegradable, palm oil-free – and their dietary needs.

The company says that NotFrom is only just getting started and has ambitious plans to build its brand beyond the current offering, at the same time as raising awareness about responsible consumption to create a virtuous cycle of conscientious demand and supply.