The Organic Trade Board (OTB) says environmental labelling is the key to helping consumers make ‘more informed, sustainable and educated decisions at point of purchase’.

The statement follows a webinar the organization hosted on 13 October, discussing the matter of environmental labelling, the work being carried out by the EU and how the Food & Drink Federation (FDF) is engaging with the issue.

“We support and encourage our members, along with the wider organic industry in the UK, to trial the internationally recognized Planet Score label, while offering to collaborate with the IGD in their ongoing work and development of a UK Environmental Label. We strongly believe the objective of any environmental label should be to reflect the key metrics that result in a more sustainable food production approach, delivering a more transparent and honest labelling system,” the statement reads.

The OTB notes that the increase in eco-actives in the UK will lead to a rise in ‘shoppers highly concerned about the environment and wanting to take more serious actions to reduce their impact’. “The right environmental label will be [a] welcome tool in achieving this.

We need to make sure that this label is as clear and transparent as possible

“We need to make sure that this label is as clear and transparent as possible, as well as avoiding any potential greenwashing which could mislead consumers,” the OTB comments. “It is of utmost importance that a holistic product overview is achieved with clear assessments of impacts including pesticides, biodiversity, and animal welfare. The ‘perfect label’ is an almost impossible task due to the number of variables, however we need to aim for the highest possible achievable standard – and make sure it is updated and improved constantly.”

The IGD is currently working on developing such a label, giving products an ‘environmental score’. As an association of the FDF the OTB says it is ‘pleased’ to be part of the consultation group and is seeking businesses which would be willing to trial the Planet Score label to come forward.