Take it easy

Somerset-based Easy Bean has extended its line of pulse-based products with its new Bean & Seed Cracker range in bright, colourful packaging.

Handmade using pulse flours, the range is gluten- and dairy-free, with no added sugar, and made using only 100% natural ingredients.

The three-strong range comprises Fava Bean & Poppy Seed, Green Pea & Chia Seed and Red Lentil & Poppy Seed and is made with fava bean and green pea flours sourced from Hodmedod’s and milled from crops grown on British farms.

A tricolour of soft shades of red, green and white, the savoury crackers flake, snap and have a crunchy texture. The wholegrain, earthy flavours with a hint of sweetness make them good accompaniments to cheese, hummus and other dips.

The crackers come in four handy packs per carton, so are easy to pop in a lunch box.