The Who’s who countdown continues – 14-11

Want to discover more about the personalities that made our Who’s who in natural beauty Top 20? Then read on as we count down from 14 to 11…

14. Abi & Margaret Weeds – Essential Care, co-founders

What you said: “They are true pioneers and have worked tirelessly to promote organic skincare”

What we say: Over the years Essential Care has become an essential part of the natural beauty movement. Together, Abi and Margaret have been responsible for some impressive organic ‘firsts’ – including debuting the first Soil Association-certified shampoo and the first ever skincare product developed to organic and Fairtrade standards. Not bad for a brand that started life at their kitchen table.

13. Sarah Brown – Pai Organic Skincare, owner

What you said: “She’s created a brand that stands up to people’s perception of what organic beauty products should look and feel like”

What we say: Sarah Brown started her journey towards natural skincare when an allergy made her question the chemicals present in conventional beauty products. This discovery led to the creation of Pai Skincare – a certified organic brand dedicated to maintaining flawless skin without irritation. Established in discerning bathroom cabinets across the UK, her new range sees the company making moves on the spa sector too.

12. Laura Rudoe – Evolve, owner

What you said: “She makes certified organic products accessible to everyone”

What we say: Laura’s passion for wellbeing, alongside the business practices that lead to a better world, inspired her to start evolve – a beauty brand with nature and eco ideals at its heart. She developed evolve alongside a team of ‘evolutionaries’ – real consumers that gave input and feedback throughout the start-up process. She says superfoods had to be the starting point for the natural beauty range simply because ‘nature is smarter than we are’.

11. Sarah Silvester – Laidbare, owner

What you said: “Her products are young, versatile and affordable”

What we say: Like many people in the industry, Sarah made the leap to naturals after a personal epiphany about the poor products used in big name synthetics. So, at the age of 29 she quit her job as a brand director and launched Laidbare – her own range of natural cosmetics and skincare. Now she’s committed to building a selection of allergy-positive products that aim to restore skin back to its healthy state.