Well & Truly refreshed


Snack brand Well & Truly has unveiled a brand new look as well as a new Smokey Paprika variety of its Baked Corn Snacks.

In addition, Well & Truly’s Sour Cream & Onion Crunchy Baked Corn Snacks are now available in a 100g sharing format in addition to the original 30g single-serve packs.

The redesign, carried out with design studio B&B, aims to bring to life the ‘fun, feel-good personality’ of the brand, with bright and bold colour combinations on a black background for greater shelf stand-out.

“At Well&Truly we believe in positivity and not prohibition, and want to be the brand that finally lives up to expectations for both health and satisfaction,” says brand co-founder Sara Trechman. “Not only is the range seriously tasty, but every product is guaranteed to have 40% less fat. We know we’re a nation of snackers, with the average Brit consuming four packs of crisps a week on average, so we believe there is an opportunity for retailers with our unique proposition, which allows consumers to have it all.”