Whole Earth has strengthened its #maketherainforestwhole partnership with the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) through an on-pack and digital campaign to support reforestation in Sumatra.

The collaboration sees the SOS logo added to jars of Whole Earth peanut butter starting this month (December) and a pledge to plant 20,000 trees in part of the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, the only place in the world where orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos all coexist.

The brand says the #maketherainforestwhole partnership is part of its commitment to put the planet first, protecting and restoring ecosystems that support the Earth’s biodiversity.  By planting thousands of trees on behalf of its customers at the SOS’s Forever Forest reforestation site, the brand aims to help restore a vital rainforest ecosystem, benefitting wildlife, climate and communities.

Within just a few years, Whole Earth and its customers will have created a new home for wild orangutans

“Trees and forests have long been at the heart of the Whole Earth brand, and central to our brand identity,” says Emma Vass, CEO of Whole Earth’s owner Wessanen UK. “So naturally we’re delighted to be working with the fantastic team at the Sumatran Orangutan Society to promote their vital work, highlight the importance of reforestation, and create The Forever Forest for the benefit of the planet, climate and biodiversity.”

Adds Helen Buckland, SOS director: “It’s incredible to see how quickly a forest grows in Sumatra – within just a few years, Whole Earth and its customers will have created a new home for wild orangutans. One of the biggest issues facing orangutans’ survival in the wild is the fragmentation of their habitat, so support for our reforestation program is vital in helping us ensure that Sumatra’s orangutans – and countless other species which live alongside them – have a future.

“The bigger picture, of course, is that rainforests like the ones we find in Sumatra have a major role to play in regulating the Earth’s climate and rainfall, so by planting 20,000 trees, Whole Earth’s impact will also be felt far beyond Sumatra.”

The partnership will also feature expanded website and social content to raise awareness of the charity’s work and highlight ways people can get involved.