New independent wellness brand KYEM has come to market with a Crystal-Activated Hand Protection Spray which combines ‘energy, nature and science’ to sanitize hands and balance the body’s energy while on the move.

The KYEM spray contains a unique gem elixir of ethically sourced black tourmaline, smoky quartz and red jasper to strengthen the root chakra and harmonize the body. Nourishing coconut oil and an aromatic blend of vetiver, basil and wild orange essential oils have been added to soothe and moisturize the skin, while 70% alcohol protects the hands from harmful germs.

Made in small batches in London, the functional crystal elixirs are charged by the full moon and are designed to enhance wellbeing and happiness, strengthen and ground during turbulent times, and provide a moment of mindfulness.

Inspired by her partner’s gin distillery switching focus to make hand sanitizer during lockdown, brand founder Sarah Jane Jay, who is a spiritual healer and medium, created the sprays with a team of essential oil experts and distillers to offer a natural sanitizing solution.

A proportion of sales from every KYEM Crystal-Activated Hand Protection Spray goes towards supporting Crystal Clear – a community interest company that sources fairly-mined, fairly-traded and verified crystals and reinvests profits back into the community to support small-scale artisanal miners.