You say potato …

Swedish brand Veg of Lund has brought an innovative range of potato-based organic drinks to the UK.

The three-strong My Foodie range is based on a nutritious blend of potato and rapeseed oil, combined with apple juice and one type of berry in each variant: Blueberry, Raspberry or Sea Buckthorn.

Claiming to be the first in the world to successfully marry the nutritional qualities of potato — including fibre, vitamins and potassium — with the omega-3-rich rapeseed oil, the vegan drinks are free from added sugar and the most common allergens, including gluten, dairy and nuts.

The combination, produced using a patented method, helps to create a ‘remarkably viscous and filling liquid’, says the brand, describing it as ‘foodier than a smoothie’, yet retaining the fruit ‘bite’.

“In typically Scandinavian style, My Foodies are a delicious and nutritious smorgasbord of ingredients and flavours,” remarks Thomas Olander, co-founder and CEO of Veg of Lund. “Given their consistency, they’re more a ‘drinkable snack’ than a drink. Perfect for these increasingly flexitarian times, they contain half your daily omega-3 needs, are free from anything that’s not needed and feature a remarkably underused superfood, the humble potato.”