Eight romantic organic wines for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can viewed as kitschy but behind all the cards, flowers and chocolates, this day is simply a celebration of romance and love at its core. And for those who think it’s a more modern invention, you may be surprised to find out that this celebration dates back hundreds of years in the UK alone.

Today, wines and drinks are common Valentine’s Day gifts – and for good reason. A quality wine can elevate one of the most popular Valentine’s Day treats (chocolate) or be the perfect partner for any romantic meal. Since it can also be purchased again after the day has come and gone, it’s also a gift that can reignite the enjoyment experienced on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for romantic stock ideas that are also organic, here are eight of our most popular ‘romantic’ bottles:

Tenuta Il Palagio When We Dance Chianti 2021

Named after one of Sting’s most romantic songs, this is a pleasing organic DOCG Chianti from the Tuscan estate of musician Sting and Trudie Styler. It’s made predominantly with sangiovese and small quantities of canaiolo and colorino grapes.

With flavours of red summer berries, this chianti would be the perfect accompaniment for pasta dishes of all kinds.

Tenuta Il Palagio Baci Sulla Bocca Vermentino Toscana 2020

With a name translating from Italian to ‘kisses on the lips’ and a label featuring Eliott Erwitt’s stunning ‘A California Kiss’ photograph, this organic Vermentino is also from Sting and Trudie’s estate. This uplifting Tuscan white smacks of fragrant peach, apricot and jasmine.

It can be served chilled as an aperitif or with food (pesto pasta, veggie, chicken and fish mains).

Meinklang Prosa Frizzante 2021

This unique and well-reviewed lightly sparkling rosé from Austria was created by the winemaker for his wife on their wedding day.

Made from a blend of zweigelt, pinot noir, St Laurent and blaufrankisch, it has raspberry and mulberry aromas along with tastes of zesty berry fruits. Perfect for a range of appetizers and snacks, as well as veggie and seafood mains.

Vintage Roots Wild Thing Merlot 2020

With the name Wild Thing Merlot, this merlot – made in association with the Born Free Foundation – speaks to the more fun side of romance. Sourced from a well-established organic estate in central Spain, it’s pure and juicy with light tannins.

This organic red can be enjoyed on its own or with many cheese dishes and a variety of mains – or even milk or dark chocolate.

Les Domaines Paul Mas Cuvée Secrète Chardonnay No Added Sulphur, 2020

Feelings of love are sometimes a secret, but the quality of this award-winning Cuvée Secrète Chardonnay surely isn’t. This golden-hued white is rich and mellow with aromas of vanilla and toasted notes and tastes of juicy apricots and pineapple.

Perfect for creamy mushroom dishes or appetizers of all kinds. 2022 Challenge Millésime Bio Gold winner – 2020 vintage.

Giol DOC Prosecco Spumante Rosé Brut

Our first ever Prosecco rosé is elegantly bottled and made from 90% traditional glera grapes and 10% pinot noir, giving the colour and delicious red fruit flavours.

Delicate and clean, this sparkling rosé would pair well with a range of dishes, including spicy or fried ones, or even strawberries dipped in chocolate. Gilbert Gaillard International Challenge 2021 – Gold.

Oxney Organic Estate Oxney Classic Organic 2016

This quality English sparkling wine from a winemaker in Rye in East Sussex is made from the three main Champagne grapes (chardonnay, pinot meunier and pinot noir).

A fresh nose with toasty aromas and a creamy texture, this fizz would be ideal for seafood dishes or appetizers or with sparkling wine flavoured truffles.

Champagne Faust Carte d’Or

Champagne is perhaps the most iconic Valentine’s Day bubbly, and this is a stylish and competitively priced organic option from Champagne Faust.

The pinot meunier grapes add fruitier flavours to its mix, bringing layers to the green apple, floral and herbaceous flavours of the chardonnay. Pair with a range of seafood mains or starters, or with Champagne chocolates.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of our some of the more ‘romantic’ bottles available on the market today. If you’re a UK based business, do not hesitate to get in touch for more information about any of the wines we’ve highlighted here or other products we stock.

Now let’s raise a glass to the makers of these fantastic wines.