Top food behaviour experts line-up for conference

Some of Britain’s best-know food and behaviour experts have been lined up for a one-day conference on the subject Nutrition for Behaviour, Learning and Mood.

Speakers at the conference include Dr Roma Armstrong, Prof Michael Crawford, Dr Alex Richardson, Rachel Gow, Dr Paul Clayton (pitcured), Dr Frank Ryan and David Rex who will highlight the latest scientific evidence linking diet, brain, behaviour and mood, and will discuss practical steps that can be taken to encourage healthy eating. Topics will include

• The importance of nutrients to ensure better learning, and how to stay young in mind. Do people know ‘brain foods’ and how much is required?

• Modern-day diets and their impact on the human brain. How are people eating, and the changes they need to implement.

• Dietary approaches for ADHD, autism and similar conditions. What really helps?

• The link between foods eaten and your mood. What is best for your frame of mind?

• Allergies, infections and the immune system. What is required to prevent infections and allergies?

• The psychology of food choices. How best to implement positive changes?

The conference takes place on May 5 2010 at The Carlton Hotel, Edinburgh. More details about the conference can be found at